Saturday, March 26, 2016

Duterte for President Materials 2016

It's been a while when I last uploaded something here in my humble abode. I am uploading all of these works for free download to support Mayor Rody Duterte in his campaign for the presidential seat. 

Feel free to use any of them and you can also print these high-resolution images to stickers, tarpaulins or posters.

If you are going to use this to sell materials or other products, leaving a simple "Thank you" at the comment part would be appreciated.

For Facebook Profile Photo

For Facebook Cover Photo

For Facebook Cover Photo
Facebook Cover Photo for Bedans
Free Download for Sticker/Poster Printing for Bedans
Facebook Profile Picture for Bedans

Free Download for Sticker/Poster Printing

White Plate - Red Text

Red Plate - White Text

White Plate - Black Text


  1. Thank you so much..I'm supporting Duterte and i need this materials to be printed as campaign materials and share it to others..My humble contribution to Duterte's campaign..Thanks a again

    1. You are welcome sir, please share the page so that Mayor's supporters can have it downloaded and printed =)

    2. Hi John,
      Im Duterte suporter and i need the material to be printed as campaign material here in uk to be printed i would like the designed'' change is coming Duterte for president can you please tell me how to download this please

  2. I'm a huge supporter of Duterte. And I want to use these materials for stickers. But I want to add something in all of these. Can you please upload the .psd file as well. It would be much appreciated if you do sir.. thank you in advance..

  3. Thank you for the layouts! They are awesome! :)

  4. Thank you! The layouts are awesome! :)

  5. Thank you for the design. We're supporting Duterte. We will use your design for our campaign rally for Duterte for President. Thanks

  6. ty sa adds mo ginawa. iba ka! du30!