Monday, April 30, 2012

CigarDig Calling Card

This calling card is one of my most memorable works, as a neophyte in Odesk it wasn't easy dealing without any ratings so it was such a relief and pleasure working with Joel the president of CigarDig. 

He gave me the opportunity to show my skills and i was happy that I met his expectations. He provided the background and the logo, I was the one in charge of arrangement, colors and using the right font face for the job.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Zug Restaurant: The Thai-inspired Company Profile

Created this rush company profile for a business requirement in Makati City in the Philippines. This 4-paged brochure includes brief history and a little information about the company in addition to these I included a mock architecture of the outside space, 1st and 2nd floor plan (sliced the pictures of chairs and table to make a 3d effect rather than a sketch). 

The client provided the pictures and the damask background that she prefers. I made the necessary arrangements and chose the right font face for a Thai inspired company profile. Here is the scaled-down version PDF file of the profile.
Zug Restaurant, Makati, Philippines

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FRC Door and Window Catalogue

This layout was made with provided pictures of products, I was the one who sliced the pictures from the scanned and photographed images. The background is an original idea including the arrangements of the text and the objects.

Monday, April 23, 2012

T-Shirt Design for Personal Use

 The illustration of the very cute crocodile was the artwork of my wife Kashmere including the texts, I was the one who sliced and arranged the images from it's original .jpeg files from iPhone.

My 1st Debut Video Coverage + Edit

After doing my first video work for a General's Funeral and covering a Mason Installation this was my 3rd coverage using one DSLR Camera. 

The image above is the cover of the DVD label.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

San Beda College Wallpaper Design

San Beda College Wallpaper Design
How this wallpaper of San Beda College was made: The background was created with Adobe Photoshop, as for the icon and text it is designed through CorelDraw. Feel free to download this San Beda College Wallpaper especially if you're a student from San Beda.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ecoflex Brochure a Paint Company in the Philippines

Cover Page Layout

Slide Presentation of the Brochure

Designed for a paint company in the Philippines, the client provided the pictures and the background. I was the one responsible for the text arrangements, the picture placements and photo slicing. 

School Lanyard Re-Layout

The students required to make a same design if not exact of the scanned file of their Lanyard/I.D. Lace. So I made a re-layout of the entire lanyard for it to be clear for output.

Mock Website 02

All of the icons are original designs, as for the middle photo it was taken at the awarding ceremony of APT 2011 wherein i won a prize.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mock Website 01

All of the icons are original designs as for the photos all of them were taken with my DSLR Camera.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dolphin-Shaped Fan

A Dolphin-shaped fan was the requirement of the client, they provided us with their old fan and I scanned it. Pictures then were added combined with shadows and made a vector of their logo. This was done in 2009 back then I was having a hard time creating the shape through the Bezier Tool but as time goes by and practicing it almost everyday the next orders were easy to make.

Flyer for a Food Supplement

This layout is the vector version of a scanned flyer made last 2010 for a Supplement Company in the Philippines.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wallpaper for EC2 Einstein

Carnival Design of a Souvenir Program

This souvenir program is designed for a school homecoming event. The client chose the color combination and how the background would look like. The only freedom I had was the font type and how the design of logo would be enhanced. 

I placed elephants so it would represent a carnival-like design with the multicolored ribbon around the title. This project design was approved by the client after 2 days and a hundred copies were printed by our company.

Logo Design for Discounts

This vector designs are created for application purposes to test my basic skills on using CorelDraw. The original reference are images from different discount icons from canned products to price tags i just made the colors different including the fonts.

Unfortunately I didn't pass the client test in Odesk, but i'm still pushing through in finding myself regularly employed with the skills I have. 

Torch Logo for School Intramural

This torch is a vector version of a sketch by a student. Unfortunately the scanned file isn't in the hard drive anymore. Nevertheless this image survived. I didn't bother to re-design of make a vector of the inside logo because it is somehow clear and it won;t be enlarged but if this was made for a large output i'll definitely vectorize the logo.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wallpaper Design for San Beda College

Re-design Juniors Logo

Here is one of the most detailed project I ever got so far, It's not hard to create it's just that it has small pieces that I have to re-design. This was made for a school event and I had only (3) three days in my hands but I managed to finish it in two. The original reference (First in the picture) is a painting designed by the client who prints the shirts he just needed me to re-layout the entire thing so that the colors can be separated for silkscreen purposes.

Re-layout of a Dental Brochure

Although the project didn't went through due to unknown circumstances, I tried to finish the layout but it's quite a tedious work because I have to make sure that I have clearly placed the teeth in the right container so it would look natural.  

Then i remade the background closely resembling the scanned image the client provided us. The colors were different from the scanned photo because of lighting factors and auto-shading and sharpness made by the scanner. After all those, I re-typed the texts and made new illustrations of the small teeth you can see from the top image.

Door Design for a School Library

This just goes to show how versatile my field of work is, the image you see above is a prototype for a door design of a library in a private school in the Philippines. I used some of the wood images in the internet and somehow placed it in containers so it would look something like this finished product.

The logo though is a bit tricky, the client required that it should have charred effect like of a branding but I managed to pull it off. 

Top Rollers Tournament Banner

This layout was created for a poker tournament where I was a finalist so i decided to design a banner as well, the logo of APA (Asia Poker Academy) was redone so it would be in vector format. I added a silhouette of APA at the background to put an accent to the design. The only thing that wasn't redone was the hahapoker logo because I found a PNG file and it fitted perfectly.

5CS Brochure Folder

This layout was created for a shipping company for their marketing campaign and for product presentation purposes. All of the pictures are provided by the client - we did changes regarding the pictures because most of them are low-resolution and wouldn't look good in the final outcome of the printing. The original photos can be seen at their website.

Original Reference for the Project:

Logo of Philippine Teachers Association Canada

This was a logo created in January 2012 the reference I only had was this image from their site. And using CorelDraw, I recreated the logo. The client changed some of the colors so it would fit the banners, pins and other materials which required this Philippine Teachers Association, Canada logo.

Original Reference File: