Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gloria Laundry Detergent Carton Box Design

Created this carton box for a client, they provided the caricature for the design and I took care of the rest. This laundry detergent carton box design will be used for actual printing.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Illustration of a Pre-School Logo wth Children Playing

Sketch Design: The client told me to remove the oval border
I removed the oval border and added blackboard with cat and additional balls.

2nd Revision: Client told me to remove blackboard and add more kids playing.

3rd Revision: The client told me the images were too cartoonish, so I revamped the entire illustration. And add an "Asian-Looking" child.

4th Revision: Place the children inside a classroom

Last Revision: Change the color of the girl on the first row to brownish type.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Election Poster Designs 2009

A mother and son tandem in a certain area in Philippines, In this poster EJ's mother greets the townspeople a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
With his wife in this poster EJ prepares himself for the upcoming elections, He has been my schoolmate in college.
Still a student when she ran as a councilor in their district, she chose the very attractive blue and yellow combination for her poster layout.
 All of the images above are done with CorelDraw, all the pictures are provided by the clients and I cropped them to place them on different backgrounds.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Chain of Colors: To Have and To Hold

One of the most talented group of artists in our country will be holding their showcase of skills and flair at the Sining Kamalig at 4th Floor Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Quezon City.

The list of the individuals are:
• Joseph Ablay
• Rod Aniag
• Arlene Anonuevo
• Yolanda Cabuco
• Edgar Cornito
• Jerry Dean
• Louie Fernando
• Manny Gabin
• Jeanette Kamphuis
• Cesar Ramirez

For more information contact: Jerry Dean through his Facebook Account.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Landbank Photography Club Logo

The banner for their Facebook account
This banner was made for a photography club for Landbank. I re-created everything from what you see below and made a vector output and re-designed their logo making it much simpler and modern inspired.

The old logo of their club

Re-designed logo of Landbank Photography Club

Landbank Logo, the vector output
If you want to learn Graphics Design with CorelDraw just click the link below and check the details about my workshop and tutorial services.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pinoy Sneakerheads Community Banner Design

This banner was made for a community, actually i'm not a member but thanks to Bryan Z. he gave me access to one of the most interesting communities I've ever seen. A lot of shoes was there and honestly I want to wear them all. 

For Pinoy Sneakerheads, member or not - feel free to use this design in any event. If you need a higher resolution just message me or leave a comment below.

Lanyard Design for Teodoro Luansing College of Rosario

This layout was designed for a College in Rosario Batangas, they are one on our most often served client. They wanted the lanyard to be modern and classy, providing the colors they want and leaving the rest to my skill, talent and judgement I came up with this design.

Everything you see in the image above is purely a vector output. If you have any comments or suggestions don't hesitate to type it down to the comment box below.

If you want to learn Graphics Design with CorelDraw just click the link below and check the details about my workshop and tutorial services.

Monday, June 4, 2012

T-Shirt Design for my Alma Mater

T-Shirt Digital Design / Banner Used for Sales Marketing
Actual Back Tshirt Print-Out
Actual Front Tshirt Print-Out
This shirt was printed last year (2011) in celebration of San Beda College's Championship Game. Made it two (2) colors to make the lion and the text stand-out without degrading the quality of the print. 

Learn the Basics of Silkscreen Printing: Enroll in my Workshop

For people and creative ideas who are very much interested in converting ideas into opportunities and turn creativity to something much of a value - this workshop is for you. The silkscreen printing workshop involves hands-on training and mentoring from my 10 years experience from my printing and design business.

From concept, design, where the materials are bought and how you will price every service it will be taught in this 1-day silkscreen printing workshop.

And for those people who want to upgrade their household computer to a desktop publishing machine, the Corel Draw Design Workshop is for you.

The Corel Draw Workshop / Tutorial gives you the ability and skill to design materials from calling cards, invitations, flyers to large scale format printing such as posters and tarpaulins. Any Corel Draw version will fit this program, (depending on the availability of Corel 1 to 8) Corel 9, Corel, 10, Corel 11, Corel 12, Corel X3, Corel X4, Corel X5 and the latest Corel x6. I suggest this workshop to those who own computer shops, housewives, artists and people who have their own business at home.

These are fees for the workshop as of May 31, 2012:

Silkscreen Printing Workshop - P 1,800.00 (Materials Included)
Corel Draw Design Workshop - P 1,800.00 

All the participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and a FREE SHIRT.

Map to our Location:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Glossy Icon Design for My Team's Website

Apple icon inspired logos for a website
Made for my team's website, we are currently in our small steps in forming these services. Looking forward to see these icons online soon. The "apple-like" concept of logo is really beautiful and very appealing for me up to now. It's very simple to make but it requires a lot of color matching because if the colors don't fit each other - the logos would look pretty much messy.