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Learn how to do business: Silkscreen Printing Workshop and Corel Design Workshop

For people and creative ideas who are very much interested in converting ideas into opportunities and turn creativity to something much of a value - this workshop is for you. The silkscreen printing workshop involves hands-on training and mentoring from my 10 years experience from my printing and design business.

From concept, design, where the materials are bought and how you will price every service it will be taught in this 1-day workshop.

And for those people who want to upgrade their household computer to a desktop publishing machine, the Corel Draw Design Workshop is for you. I suggest this workshop to those who own computer shops, housewives, artists and people who have their own business at home.

These are fees for the workshop as of May 31, 2012:

Silkscreen Printing Workshop - P 1,800.00 (Materials Included)
Corel Draw Design Workshop - P 1,800.00 

All the participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and a FREE SHIRT.
(If you want a weekday schedule, just mention it in your inquiry and i'll try my best to fit in to your schedule.)

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