Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outside the Box: Tulfo versus Santiago

So did we learn anything from the Bar Fight and Airport Brawl?

With all the things that happened lately, we are forgetting the simplicity of being cool headed in certain situations. Oftentimes we blame it on the weather, blame it on somebody else’s actions except yourself - which you could've done something differently.  Always remember we are responsible for everything that happens to us.

I’m in no position to take sides to what happened, especially at the Airport where Mr. Tulfo and the Santiago family had a clash. For the past few days I was just normal citizen watching the reports and the interviews.

Now words and statements have been thrown at each other and things are getting very messy; and to this moment I know this will escalate in to a pride and family issue. The question taking place in my mind right now is “When does this stop?”  But I’d rather ask this question in lieu of learning from the experience “How do we avoid these kinds of situation?”

Yes, I haven’t experienced what Ms. Claudine did when their baggage was left in the other airport but think about this what could have happened if she showed her outburst in a more discreet sense?.  As for Mr. Tulfo his contribution for the earlier part of the story is still vague but I also believe he would have made difference if he did something otherwise.

I read a story once about Mr. Edgar Hoover from FBI back then, he was about to leave the airport but the plane they were aboard was pumped in by a different type of gas so the flight was cancelled and now somebody’s head was about to roll. The gas attendant who pumped in the gas was terrified as Mr. Hoover approached him – but before the gas attendant could murmur a word Hoover said “Just to prove to you that I know you won’t do this again, you are in charge of pumping in gas to my other 2 planes tomorrow”  Wow, how about that? the approach was unusual but i believe it came up with a better outcome.

"Staying Calm? Easy for you to say John!"  No, it's not easy but it doesn't give you the excuse of not doing it. In line with this, does negative attitude done us any good?” Remember, appropriate attitude can take you further than your talent, skill and wealth combined.

It is easy to get into emotional outrage in a pressuring situation but it's much harder to take back the damage done and might be done, we have seen families forever damaged by ego, pride and hate which all of them avoidable.

Do yourself a favor and re-think or remember all the verbal or physical fights you have been in. Could have they been avoided? If yes, would have it done better good for everyone? Staying Calm remains a challenge for everybody to preserve.

I believe that cooler heads still win. Let's just hope for that reasoning and better judgement will prevail in both parties. Godbless everyone!

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